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Doctor Appointment

This booking system allows the patient to book appointments with our practice. Refer to the guide below to choose the best type of appointment for you.

Medi2Apps Booking


Onsite Appointments:


Telehealth Consult:

      Video Consult:

Reasons for visit

  • immunisations
  • physical examination
  • procedures


  • medical certificates
  • scripts
  • mental health care plans
  • health assessments
  • rash
  • medical issue for doctor to see
  • prefer face to face/ eye contact
Health condition      
  • no cough, cold, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose
  • no contact with anyone with covid, or links to outbreaks
  • no awaiting covid results
  • no health regulations or exclusions
  • no health regulations or exclusions
Medicare eligibility      
  • Must have valid Medicare card.
      For full Medicare bulk-billing, must have visited our practice in last 12 months. (Exception: babies under 12 months old).