What to expect?

Medical Certificate Australia

Telehealth Australia could provide you with a legal medical doctors certificate, but you would need to have an online consultation with our doctor. You need to have a face to face consultation for a medical certificate. However, some time this is not possible as patient may not be able to travel to see a doctor due to distance or illness. In such, as situation a telephone or video conference consultation needs to be done with a doctor. If doctor is satisfied of patients illness, a medical certificate could be faxed or sent via secure electronic communcation means. Occasionally your employer, may not accept a certificate issued after a non face to face consultation with a doctor. Please see our disclaimer for details.

However, most employers accept it and employee can mount a legal challange to employer, like any other refusal to accept medical evidence. We have not come across any employer, so far who has ever been able to successfully legally challange our medical certificate. 

In Australia there are different type of medical certificate like simple medical certicate (for short period of time off work), work cover certificate (for work related injuries), centre link forms (for social services) and disability forms (for long term social services support). Our doctors can advice eligible patients for all above certificates.