What to expect?

Travel Vaccinations Australia

Are you going overseas? Surely, you do not want to be ill and spend your holidays in an overseas hospital.

Travel to Europe, America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia is usually considered safe and no additional vaccinations are required.

To all countries in Africa, Asia, South America you need Hepatitis-A and Typhoid vaccination.

If you are like to be in contact with animals you need Rabies vaccination as well.

Travel to some African and South American countries require you to have yellow fever vaccination. Australian Border Agency could even put you in quarantine on airport for few days if you fail to show vaccination proof on return to Australia. This is more likely to happen if you return to Australia and look unwell or have fever.

In addition from time to time due to flu pandemics flu vaccinations may be required. 

Telehealth Australia could help you redirect to reliable websites  (we change these websites from time to time to maintain quality) which could help you to assess your vaccination needs.