What to expect?

Weight Loss Tablets

Weight loss can be achieved by diet and exercise by most people. However a few may patients may need tablets or surgery.

Weight gain could be due to:

  1. Hormone disorders like hypothyroid (thyroid gland which maintain weight could be functioning inadequately), cushions (excess steroid harmones in body).
  2. Related to mood depression (persistent low mood) or eating problems like bullemia (binge eating).
  3. Associated Vitamin D deficiency.

It is always worth discussing with your weight issue with our doctors and see if you need blood test to check for medical causes of weight gain.

There are currently 2 types of weight loss tablets:

  1. Orlistat, this tablet only prevents absorption of fat, hence it can't help with weight loss of you are mainly taking high calorie sugars but no fats like rice, sugary drinks. It is quite good to stop fats from cooked food like pizza, burgers, curries. It may occasionally cause diarrhoea (just non absorbed fat), gas and very rarely small amount of stool leakage after a fatty meal.
  2. Duromine, this is a apatite suppressor, so you feel less hungry. Short term side effects are feel thirsty, sleepiness and irritable. Long term rare side effects could be damage to heart valves and raised blood pressure in lungs. Both are serious but rare problems. Our doctors could help you use these with close medical supervision.